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September 26, 2012
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Defeatchu by Mewscaper Defeatchu by Mewscaper
Now, what to do with you...? >:3

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Characters Game Freak, Pokemon Inc., Creatures Inc., Nintendo
Artwork Mewscaper, on Paint Tool SAI
With a nod to ~BenjaminChu

More 'chus :3
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Raichu, the evelution form of Pikachu. It uses it's ail as a lightning rod.

I'm guessing, about your comment, "Now, what to do with you...?" Indicates a battle just happened.The surrounding suggests a cave. This picture could be interpred in many different ways.

Dont get me wrong or anything, i think it is adorable. Very cute. This picture, to me, may suggest romance. A second's glance tells me that it could be a vicotry. One Raichu is down, while the other is up, meaning one is obviously more powerful then the other.

So why do i see romance, though? The one standing up is holding the other Raichu's tail. A physical contact. The surroundings, a dark cave with a litted hole, suggests privacy and aloneness. Hence the romance thought. Your true intentions are unknown, and that is all i can say. Is the stronger chu going to hurt the other or not? It is unknown. And if it being unknown is your intention, then you hit the mark for sure.
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Ok so I have never written a critique before but this piece has had an impac on me and made me want to write about it. And I do really like your work in general!

I love the way they are looking into each other’s eyes and I get the sense that there is more to these two than meets the eye – which is that a battle has just taken place. I love the way the Raichu on the right is holding the lefts tail as a sign of dominance – and tell me if I am wrong – she looks female and the left looks like a male.

I would say that the head on the left Raichu looks slightly out of place, maybe he need a bit more of a neck? but that just my opinion.

I love the location and the use of light and the way it plays off their faces, bringing their expressions to life. Good Job!
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nice shading! :)
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They're so cute!
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Thanks! ^^
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You're welcome!
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What a driving style in your images fascinate me learn different management style uin :D
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How cute! :love:
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This is uber cuteness! I wonder what the victor has planned...heh.
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Only the imagination knows. |3
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