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Touchu by Mewscaper Touchu by Mewscaper
Thumbnail source for "Card Trick," a transformation-themed fan-fiction. It can be found in my past journals, or on FA, but you can also find it transcribed right here:

A scrap of transformation-themed writing. Just 'cause. I might consider writing more, when I can't get the inspiration to draw. :3 I may even submit them as deviations to this account. What do you think?

You have gone through almost the entire deck. Six hundred forty-eight cards lie discarded, scattered across the old, dusty carpet.

Finally, the woman sitting across from you, somber-looking and pouting in concentration, eyes heavy-lidded, flips over the final card. "Very well," she says. "Is this your card?"

She slides it over the carpet's surface towards you. You pick it up and examine it.

026. There is more text, but it is heavily obscured with dirt. Imprinted in center of the card is a mystical-looking kangaroo rat, with curly ears, pudgy body, large feet, and a whip-like tail adorned with a thunderbolt shape at its tip. Its expression is jolly but harbors an aggressive side, eyes beady and shiny, and jagged lines resembling sparks dance from its cheeks.

"Even if it isn't," continues the woman, collecting the remaining cards together and reshuffling the deck. "I never said I was good with card tricks. Besides, you were short on funds. 'Get what you pay for,' as you tourists say."

Odd. As you continue to examine the dusty, archaically-designed card, you notice that it has become rather warm, pleasantly so. You feel a tingly sensation emanating from the card, seeping into your fingertips, then into your hand, up your arm, and throughout your body. An unnatural energy slowly fills you: you feel it flowing freely from your chest to the pit of your stomach and back again, like working circuitry; it passes through your head, and your face feels quite warm and fuzzy, like after a heady drink. You can't help but form a small, stupid grin, your eyes becoming dim and unfocused.

You start. You shake your head, then blink a few times, clearing your vision. Is it just you, or did the creature imprinted on the card just grin, with a vacant expression?

Using your free hand, you idly scratch an itch just below your chin. Hm? The creature on the card just did the same thing, looking contemplative now; but this isn't what you find disconcerting.

No, it's that layer of fur you feel on your neck. The card drops from your other hand, and you feel your neck and face. Fur covers everywhere your fingers brush, soft and downy and becoming thicker even as you touch. The itches fade, but you can feel its growth continue, becoming a thick, velvety pelt, orangey-brown with a creamy underside running down your chest and stomach.

You feel sharp pains in your ears, and you grasp them, instinctively, gritting your teeth. Curly, lightly-furred, flexible, and rather large, they seem to be relocating to the top of your head. A sudden "pop, pop" from your newly-formed ears, and the pain subsides. You pause. You can... hear better. You let go of your ears, and they twitch all by themselves. You tilt your head upwards, any fear briefly subdued. You can hear so many things now: your own unnaturally fast heartbeat; the great cluster of many sounds and voices outside; even the breath intake of the woman staring at you, quietly observing.

You test the air. You can smell things, too. You hadn't even noticed that your facial features have stretched slightly, your nose at the tip black, moist, and sensitive. You touch your nose curiously with one hand. It twitches, a plethora of scents filling your senses. You yourself have a scent, strangely rodentine, and curiously comforting.

A jolt makes you suddenly sit upright as creaks and cracks snap your bones and joints, traveling from your arms and hands, down your torso and abdomen, into your legs and feet, reshaping and drastically changing your posterity. Yer, you feel oddly calm in spite of the circumstances, with little to no pain. Unbeknownst to you, a surge of electric-like endorphins have passed through your body, tingling your senses and dulling your nerves. Any sense of trouble has... washed away.

You close your eyes, somewhat blissfully, a stray spark dancing from each of your pudgy, saffron-furred cheeks, and you chirp a strange vocalization, in a tone higher pitched than you remember having. You hardly notice a thin, whip-like tail swinging back and forth and around from your backside, adorned with a bright yellow, jagged-shaped appendage at its tip. You're simply too lost in the sensations, feeling tingly and warm all over, and maybe a little tipsy.

You open your eyes. Say, when did the room get so big? And your clothes so loose? Soon, you are practically swimming in them. You climb up from your sitting position, struggling a bit to untangle yourself. You find your hands have shrunk into cutesy little mouse paws, futilely clawing at the fabric, and your oversized padded foot-paws kick away at a pant leg.

Finally extracting yourself, you stand, somewhat uncertainly, on your back legs. You find you have an energized sense of balance, standing on the toes of your paws. You wriggle them a bit, looking down on them over your rounded belly, marveling the soft pads on the soles of your feet. You feel as if you can sprint a million miles, faster than lightning itself.

"Done, I see. I must say, you look rather adorable."

The woman draws your attention, standing over you. You lean forward and sniff lightly. She doesn't seem to be a threat, so you stand your ground.

"I wonder if you can still remember? Well. One way to check." The woman picks up the card you dropped, and brushes off the dirt with a thumb. She bends forward slightly and extends it towards you. "What does this card say? What is this creature's name?"

You stare. You find that you can only vaguely understand the human female's speech, tilting your head curiously at the object she presents to you. How does a strange, rectangle-shaped leaf say anything? You sniff at it cautiously, detecting a perfume-like, human scent. Nothing too special. You peer at the leaf, your night eyes shining and sparkly in the candlelight of the strange room. You don't recognize this... thing.

"Rai?" You shrug, imitating human gesture, unsure. "Raichu?"

The human straightens up, looking down at you, adding the card back to the deck. She gives you a satisfied smile, almost a sneer, rather cat-like.

"Close enough."

- - - - -
Character Game Freak, Pokemon Inc., Creatures Inc., Nintendo
Artwork Mewscaper, on Paint Tool SAI
Part of a summer request for *Artooinst

Here's a 'chu, too:
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